What about my vehicle warranty?

As a tested and accepted product, combining the fact that Halt™ is completely independent of the vehicle’s systems, there is no negative impact on vehicle warranty. Considered a necessity … rather than an accessory.

How much is the monthly subscriptions?

Full inclusive monthly IoT Fee of R139-00 per month.

How long does installation take?

1,5 Hours.

Where and when can i have my halt unit installed?

HALT LOCK will be available at:

  • Lydenburg Toyota, Partner Dealer (Scheduled installations from March 2023)
  • HALT Fit Nelspruit Centre (Scheduled installations from April 2023)
    Cell 066 186 3541

What do i do when i have a technical uncertainty?

You make contact with us and we will guide and assist you on your concern or send a technician for personal assistance.

What do i do when they tried to steal my toyota and the ecu gives me warnings or my vehicle cuts out?

When they gave it their best, most of the times an electronic device is used to plug into your wiring harness and this device most of the time corrupts the ECU and the vehicle’s lock set. With extensive consultation and advice from experienced industry professionals,  it was determined that both the ECU and the Lock set needs to be replaced under your claim. 

If only one of the units are replaced, chances are it will be corrupted again by the unit not replaced.

Do i get any benefits from my insurance company?

Through participating Insurance providers you would qualify for substantially reduced premiums. To find out more you can contact our insurance partner
LVM Versekeringsmakelaars: lvm@haltlock.com 

Device Overview

Device Overview



Launching March 2023

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