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Available for all Toyota Hilux and Fortuner GD6 models

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Device offer:

  • a proactive solution that will positively impact vehicle crime statistics both locally and Internationally,
  • Reduce industry related financial losses caused by vehicle theft,
  • Offer brand protection to vehicle manufacturers,
  • Reducing monthly insurance costs to the owner,
  • Give you absolute Peace of Mind!

Vehicle theft, while of immediate concern to the individual owner, also has a financial implication for insurance companies, damages the reputation of car manufacturers and in most cases is linked to other forms of crime.

Most of the currently available vehicle anti-theft products only offer reactive solutions but theft remains a massive problem worldwide.

In South Africa Toyota is one of the top selling vehicle manufacturers year on year. Unfortunately, they are also one of the manufacturers with the highest theft statistics. At the rate these vehicles are stolen the safety of our vehicles is a constant concern.

With Halt Lock you can rest assured that your vehicle cannot be stolen when left unattended!

Device Overview:

  • Robust, tamper proof metal enclosure containing our patented locking mechanism, manufactured from quality stainless steel.
  • Totally independent from the vehicle’s systems.
  • Operated with separate remote and/or the Halt Lock App giving you complete control of your unit.
  • Over 300 000km road tests completed to date.
  • Minimal monthly fees to insure full operational functions both locally and in neighboring Countries.

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